Rustic Centerpieces
Rustic themed weddings are becoming more and more popular.  New "barn-like" venues are
opening up everywhere.  Many brides love the look of mason jars for their rustic weddings, and I
agree that they're a wonderful element to enhance that rustic feel.  But I felt the need to explore
other ideas and design some new centerpieces for the Rustic Bride.  Many of these containers I
will be renting to my brides - others are for sale.  Many more ideas on my blog:   Wonderful photos by:
I've paired these very, affordable replica rustic
metal pitchers/measuring cups with metal
rustic looking lanterns to use on the tables that
don't have flowers on them.   These are for rent
or for sale. I think they look terrific together!
White and blue ceramic pots mix well with white
replicas of antique butter holders for a rustic wedding.
I have a series of three "corroded" containers - two differently
shaped watering cans and one bucket - that have a definite
rustic charm to them.  There is a hit of a bluish/green tint to
them. These can be used separately on each guest table.
 I have ceramic chickens that hold flowers,
containers that have chickens painted on them,
small ceramic chickens for decoration, and
several buckets with pictures of chickens on
them. I have so many more than those pictured
above.  Check out my whole collection for sale.
These amazing containers are perfect for a rustic wedding.  
They are glass jars with "rusty" lids full of holes to hold flowers.  
Each container sits in a metal holder with arms.  I have them in
three sizes and they are available for rent or for sale and can be
used together or individually.
Rusty buckets, stars, & either candle holders are
inexpensive containers for rustic weddings.
Pumpkins can also hold flowers.
Wooden berry baskets are a very budget friendly
rustic element for a wedding.  Line them with
moss and fill with garden flowers.  The antique
funnels can be personalized for a placecard table
for your wedding.
On the left are gray "garden" produce type baskets.
 In the center are gray, weathered wooden boxes.  
For this shoot I filled it with a flowering plant. On the
right is a gray two-handled metal bucket filled with
flowers and mini-peppers.   I can also fill the large
produce baskets with flowers for a ceremony. It
doesn't get more rustic than that!